Quality Control

A recent housing project completed by ML Quinn Construction for Fingal County Council at Ballyboughal has just been Shortlisted for the 2019 Irish Construction Excellence Awards (residential). This is a reflection of how effective ML Quinn Construction’s Quality management Program is. 

quality control

Quality Standards 

Review of the specifications, detailed tender drawings and documentations for any quality requirements is an important first step in understanding and managing the resulting project quality. Documentation of clarifications of any of the quality requirements and understandings arrived at with the designer and the client becomes part of the quality standards. This sets the basis for our contractor quality management program. It is essential that all of this information is provided to the project team. Quality issues and standards can be discussed at the project start-up meeting. 

Project Quality Management Program

This document defines the processes, practices and procedures which are to ensure the project’s quality requirements are met or exceeded. This program has two elements: 

a. Quality Control Plan 

Manages the quality requirements of the project as detailed in the drawings and specifications. Any unique project quality requirement must be de ned in a project specific document. It defines who is responsible for achieving the quality standards and how this is to be accomplished. It establishes a framework for procedures and practices to ensure that the completed product meets or exceeds the project specific quality requirements. Tests and Inspections for materials / system proposals, sampling and substitution. Data for all materials as per the specification will be requested from the supplier and emailed for approval to the architect. Once approved this information will be uploaded onto the Dropbox for review by the client. DOP certificates for products and materials approved will be uploaded onto the Dropbox for review by the client on an ongoing basis. All data on the Dropbox will be reviewed at two weekly or monthly site meetings. Samples and data for windows, internal doors, kitchens, architraves and skirting will be available at a site meeting for approval by the architect well in advance of requirements to facilitate delivery of products when required. Any substitution of materials proposed, will be presented for approval to the architect and project team, along with the relevant data, specification and performance qualities of the product. 

b. Quality Assurance Process 

This is the process we will engage in to ensure that the required quality of the project is achieved. This process defines the inspection requirements, the timing of the inspections, written reports, photographic evidence, who will receive these reports and who will review them. If there is a need for correction – who and how it will be done, with appropriate follow up.